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(312) 725-8060


1175 Wade Street, Highland Park, IL 60035

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Is it hot in here?

Sizzling. Sensational. Smart. We're Caliente Creative – the go-to design studio that fires-up consumer response with creative communications that range from saucy to sophisticated and everything in between.

Located in Chicago, Caliente is a boutique agency with the agility and passion to ignite your brand and make it burn brighter in the marketplace.

New American Airlines Logo Triggers Ire and a Sense of Déjà Vu
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The images? The words? At Caliente Creative we believe great design is the seamless integration of both. A perfectly surreptitious combination that is vital to the success of your brand. If done well, it not only has the power to move people, but it can also deliver an immediate and identifiable personality to a company or product that no one else can own.

Your success is not only our passion and joy, but also our humble responsibility, which we take very seriously.

If you're looking to solve design initiatives, but you don't want a cookie-cutter solution, contact us. You'll get the unexpected…with the intelligence and strategy that really kicks it up a notch.

It's such a versatile word, isn't it?

You can have a green thumb. Offer green M&M's as a sign of your 'affection'. Even give an important initiative the green-light. In fact, that's what we've chosen to do at Caliente.

As a proud adopter of The Designers Accord we have made a conscious choice to join forces with a global coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, and corporate leaders, in an effort to create positive environmental and social impact.


...by keeping the conversation flowing about sustainable opportunities and challenges.
...by incorporating sustainable principles and methods into our design solutions to ensure a more ethical footprint.
...by offering eco-friendly insights that are not just good for your business and ours, but for the world as a whole.

Caliente is committed to helping you create a natural attraction certain to make others simply green with envy.

We offer a comprehensive array of smart solutions to help you succeed:

Branding /

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity Design, Brand Standard Guidelines, Company/Product Naming + Tagline Development, Content Strategy

Interactive /

Web Design + Development, Mobile Web + Application Design, Content Management System Integration, E-Commerce, Information Architecture, Search Engine Optimization, Video + Motion Graphics

Print /

Annual Reports, Books, Catalogs, Publications, Brochures, Packaging, Retail, Advertising, Posters, Announcements, Stationery Systems

These are the tangibles many agencies offer. But it's Caliente's unique process that will really make your brand sizzle. Click here to see how we fuel the process.

Our method is not an exact science, but it's pretty darn close.

It’s all about connecting.

And we've learned that, to create an unbeatable connection between your brand and your audience, our first move is to connect with you. We listen. We ask questions. We partner with you so that your brand or product will make the connections that will help you to succeed. And that’s just the first step.

From listening we discover, with a fresh perspective, exactly what your hopes and dreams for your business might be. It's our job to immerse ourselves in your vision. And then to be visionaries for you, by bringing it all to life - through whatever means are the most appropriate to get the job done. We organically integrate and leverage every detail. And we land on a solution that is grounded in insight about your target consumer, so that you will connect with them on a personal level. Because if you get inside their heads and hearts...you win.